International Journal of Metaverse and Virtual Transformation: Announcements <p><strong>Introduction</strong></p> <p>Metaverse, as a new but rooted concept, is creating tremendous changes in the lives of citizens. Successful entry into the metaverse requires virtual transformation. The International Journal of Metaverse and Virtual Transformation is an online journal with a double-blind and peer-review process that is available for free.<br />IJMVT seeks to publish original articles, full of resources from all researchers from different fields. With an international editorial board, IJMVT has a transdisciplinary approach to the concept of the metaverse and virtual transformation.</p> <p><strong>Topics</strong></p> <p>The topics of interest in this publication for publishing articles are:<br />- Metaverse technologies and trends<br />- Communication and interactions in Metaverse<br />- Metaverse economy<br />- Methodologies and approaches to virtual transformation<br />- Experiences and achievements of virtual transformation<br />In addition to the above topics, related and satellite topics related to the metaverse and virtual evolution are examined for publication.</p> en-US